do not say this in a spirit of objection ; but I shall offer a suggestion
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in its early stages could be mistaken for tubercular ade-
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* The Diaiy of Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester. Lond.
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tion to drainage where there was a large raw surface, but where the
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While the investigations of Eichhorst and Zander had led us
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field. It is not easy in many of these latter cases to determine
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mentation of the nuclei, and desquamation of cells. The hyaline trans-
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the latter is more obviously secondary to the former. We must look,
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i:- a group of symptoms characterized by intermittent or tem-
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the end of the fifteenth century, which places them
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symptoms arise, either suddenly or gradually, strychnine may be adminis-
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33. Variola (extra-mural). — A clincial course in Variola, at the Chicago
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without seeing how puerile it is to expect uniformity of
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It is not, however, my task to discuss here the entire thera-
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Diego, Calif., within a short time of each other, are very impres-
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to menstruate. She was at once put to bed and kept quiet.
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no previous training fill some of the most important offices
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with start-up assistance. Attention: Joanne Luttrell, North
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patients with coronary heart disease and normal subjects by exercise
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and the phenomena associated with them, and it would
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mur. On questioning I found that the patient had overpersuaded
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argument against the use of a curette which would not only increase the
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culation is based upon a singular fact, established by the
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recovered that I do not think I will send for any more medicine."
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with hydrogen peroxid, potassium permanganate, or other
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gar, — and the fact, as to the vigor of sapped and unsapped maples of one
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week diminished on the appearance of the albumen. She
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nearly the whole surface of the lung very labored and prolonged expiration was to
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erally for hours beyond the duration of the actual spasms. Un-
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later volume, there is a short paper on an experiment to determine
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following letter, from a very enterprising and zealous
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deGued to be medicines which pass from the blood to ih»
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rongeur forceps until it was about two inches square. As the dura was
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The fact that this epidemic has been characterized by extreme
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neighborhood during the fall and early winter, but Mr. H. stated that