Fig. 6.— The Area of the Cardiac Shadow Based on Schieffer's Table.—

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icate his experience in the treatment of sea sickness.

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ranscle, and the Bubclavian artery. It nsnallj extends some-

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14 days before admission and reported to be normal. She

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1899) reports that out of 27 autopsies on subjects that had died

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that strict metabolic control plays a role in affecting early

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presently returns. The tenderness^ pain^ and hardness at the ring remain the same. The

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this is not torn, the transudates cannot reach the perineum, for this

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of speedy death, there is also some hope that gangrene may be produced, and

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interesting to note that Dr. Keen returned to the sub-

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They usually appear from the seventh to the tenth day and are rarely seen

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the vagina. A small hand, which observes the course

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the accident had happened, the external wound had completely healed

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does not seem likely that the proposed examination will effect the

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deformities take place, the details into which I entered at the begin-

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lost all relationship with the humerus. There was a depressed gap

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1905 q.— Idem. [Review of Lingard, 1904 k] <J. Roy. Micr. Soc., Lond. (5),

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swollen, and she had a great deal of ascites. Pulse slow and remarkably tense.

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in the 2020s. And even in the U.S., the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

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tablished till the end of the fifteenth century; and even

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by J. B. Mernardi, a sworn surveyor of Buffalo, in the pres-

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long time, when it is ready prepared, accumulated within the system,

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must prescribe scarifying cupping over the region of tlie hearty or

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pression. In second case (one of uterine inertia), given with an equal portion

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about one-fourth of an inch longer than the right, which was

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A Home Made Milk Refrigerator. Public Health Bull. 102, U. S. P. H. S.

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