volitantes. The pain, which was localised in the median line of the
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rolls (gouttieres paillon, gouttieres store), and a small medicine
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within ten minutes, and continued to do so for nine or ten
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Treatment. Aconite will not only relieve the pain, but is
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I shall endeavour to prevent your being misled by perilous asser-
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ing the rate or degree of platelet destruction, as we have in the urobilin
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than the sixth or eighth month, and subjected to removal by excision, or
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method of treatment be at once adopted in all cases, and the
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Tliough the effect on the circulation was so slight, yet analysis
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virulence for these animals than do freshly isolated strains of
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employed also in various nervous and debilitating diseases with success.
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dark, and offensive. 7 o'clock, P. 128, two dark and slimy
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field conditions by personnel without advanced labora-
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the functions of the tail are perfect, and examination
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the poisonous principles, that, but for their rapid and constant
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to assume as globular a form as possible, and this takes place by the diminu-
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sistant was fortunate enough to have seen a case of small-
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ordinary cures in the papers, and asserted that this was different
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administered heretofore. He gives from 60 centigrams (9-25
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world has ever known (19 days). MEDITERRANEAN ODYSSEY: The sites of antiquity in the western Mediterra-
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Local Treatment of Herpes Zoster (Dotiring). — My ordi-
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cafe firft appears as an affe^ion purely local, and^
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Hypersemia of the dependent portions of the lungs is most
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March4-6— 51st Annual Meeting ofthe American Psychosomatic Society.
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to be repeated every day, along with a potash draught (Kalisaturation). Tlie
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The inoculations €rst in order, of the 31st of August, have entirely lost their puri*