Rather we are interested in endeavouring to draw the moral :

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the malady such as we had not anticipated a few weeks back.

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to the ulcer, and the patient placed on calomel 3', gr. every

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batch of filaria-charged slides which I had placed overnight^

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the Metropolitan Asylums Hospitals and in the London Fever Hospital

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following scarlet fever and diphtheria, he mentions that

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Joseph Walklate Martin, M.R C S . L.S. A., of West Grove, Mill Hill, to

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diagnosis. He has found that in the urine, as in any other

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geons Dublin; W. J. Woods, Queen's College, Belfast. Second

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are unable to discern adequate mechanisms for this function

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no slight stir and commotion amongst the modern adherents

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Manchester, Leeds, Cardift', Bolton, and Preston. Measles showed the

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passes without the occurrence of many accidents from this

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the whole of that time they must reside in tlje hospital, and

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malady had I noticed them to be, not merely so frequently,

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ture in the mature hop catkin, because in this fact lies, I be-

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tain signs and symptoms which may possibly furnish a clue

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Iodoform was applied to the wound, with a dressing of perchloride of

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several atrophic changes ; thorax : endocardium and pul-

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patient in the last illness preceding death, and in no case

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such articles to be disclosed in every instance, and that this

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taking part in our discussions and debates. It is always be-

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mastoid and the upper part of the trapezius were paralysed

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the vital powers of the patient. Hence in these cases,

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Mr. Battle described the case of a man, aged 40, who

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small-pox of other localities into her hospital, Halifax now

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the diirereuces in the age and sex distribution of the population. In

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praiseworthy, schemes at present on foot, are those for the