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known to inhibit interleukin-2 production, which limits

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is due, not only to its depilatory effect, but also to the fact that,

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The snbject of this case was a laboorer, sixty years of age, in whom a direct communi-

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sand years, and is still in some parts of the Euro-

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should not sit at such times a moment longer than necessary.

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%o its origin in the weaning time; while a fruitful cause of the mor-

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tration, and the fibrous form. Simple incision is not sufficient, the

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substance that its unrestricted therapeutic use is fraught with danger.

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obliged to notice that of another noted German author, which is

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went to take charge of the cholera wards there. After

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different lobules to the functional development of the musculature is indicated according to the

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this condition was much more marked, and here there

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ing ptomaines which are being absorbed into the blood stream,

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conditions calling for the operation, the mortality was almost

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data. He says that some observers contend that the ger-

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scholarship fund procedure and commented on the hos-

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reclining position on his bed and mark with the left index finger the

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small-pox cannot give out infection till the third day. This fact is

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the first few hours, whether the obstruction is serious or not. In

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and they give the rational indications that should guide us in

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lute starvation for a few days in severe cases with scanty or suppressed

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observed that the number of consumptive patients attending the Obuchow

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By arrangement with other lecturers some overlapping might be

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gans composing each of these divisions, nature appears to have esta-

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be available until the albuminous substances of the blood had undergone

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local interest. In presenting him, therefore, to the public, as one of our

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fore have no recommendations from ourselves or from other

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wash, or sulphuric acid i dr. to quart of water, is found good; he will

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been mucus, although very unlike healthy mucus. The stomach was healthy,

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given according to urgency : wine whey is also useful,

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had a very pleasing personality and his knowledge in diagnosis

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now a very small anal apertui*e, which seems to consist of