attracted notice in times past ? The reply was, " Because no

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in temperature or excessive soiling of the dressings, until

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horse, so that of glanders and mange prefers the poor and

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nor local uneasiness, nor is it associated with any other disturbance of

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fauces are unusually irritable a few whiffs of chloroform will some-

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ness remained subnormal, usually under 97°, except on two occasions,

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increased on voluntary movement ; and Sachs also has recorded a case of

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J. R. Rathmell read a paper on "Scarlatina," and laid stress on the

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Acid Saiicylic. .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. '."..'.'.". i gr. DIRECTIONS— One or two to be inserted into the Vagina eac

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the same effect ensues from these organs performing their office

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and the disease is so rare in the literature of pedia-

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be given every two hours day and night, and continued until

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warlike operations, troops are little subject to the influence of disease.

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hol on the digestive functions in the normal and in the pathologi-

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tones and suggested stability of the palaces of the Roman

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While drawing up and twisting the wire, he keeps one finger in

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upon the painful part, and occasion great suffering. This accident is the more

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Rutgers Medical School. Correspondence may be addressed to Dr.

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I take it we should keep in mind, first, that the aim of our discussion

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Messrs. Burroughs Wellcome & Co. is Strei)tococcus Vaccine,

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by Charles W. Mayo, B.A., M.S. (Surg.), M.D., Section on

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substantiated by facts. The evidence supplied by the lower

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food, to understand the processes of digestion and assimila-

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about forty, was getting rapidly worse. Her temperature

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found that in mild cases, where there was no variation

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large storerooms, or lockers, in the lower hold, the

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diet is contraindicated on account of its great anabolistic

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the left, or from the isthmus ; to tliis structure he assigned the name

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resnlt-s are in perfect accord with what Schmorl found,

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These are usually the presenting symptoms in ordinary

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different types of routes of infection have certain peculiarities,

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there was no recurrence of abscess formation. He had seen

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