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between the molar teeth being too narrow to contain

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that are very lean, and have hard labour from that cause, let

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All this on paper may sound like an inquisition, but if we visit

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The dissolved matter in rain water is derived from our atmos-

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treatment of foreign bodies in these regions has gradually passed into

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then we are justified in speaking of a vertical stomach.

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with a good stream, and with the aid of a urine bottle she is kept quite

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physician states that he exercised every possible precaution. The

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words, civil rights. The old school had civil rights, and it has

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of the eighth rib with the sternum, and passed downwards

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fequence, is treated with repeated bleedings, purg-

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their normal uses, is as much physiological as pathological ; similar conditions will

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has been largely employed for this purpose ; but experience has, upon the

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act of inspiration which characterises acute pleurisy in its

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employed during the acute stage, when it may be given in doses

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recognized as being insufficient, and the instruction to be given in

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The virus is spread by fingers, washing materials, bed hnen, or contaminated

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tration in the average case of mental disease will not, I think,

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time being as petit mal, as grand mal, or as a condition

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Bearers for Ses.sion 1891-92 : — Hon.- President, Sir Spencer Wells,

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sand and gravel find their way into the trap, and provision

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vessels are somewhat congested, but there is no evidence of retinal

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scholars. Each student accepted by the Committee on Admission is

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brain, and peripheral nerves, but it has not been found in the liver,

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The purposes for tvhich the articles described under

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All communications should be sent to the Editor, The

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severest punishment should be inflicted on those who disobey this

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followed by fever and profuse night-sweats, as if he were suffering

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The sacrum is uncovorod and the lower two or throe pieces of

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chamber and antique oak office, reception and dining-

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existence. His article, however, has proved one thing,

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workhouses as a whole, a very large proportion (1141 out of 1455)

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as independent of the experience he acquired as an eminent practi-

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tion in the mesentery began, and was spreading and attacking the branches ot

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year old. For heart stimulation, strychnine and strophanthus are