state of general health, the structural condition of the heart,
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offer of that sort. On the contrary, I readily consented to the only proposal
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till he found himself in the custody of a man he did not know. The
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had reached. More than an inch of the external surface
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by 't The old theological notion that an evil spirit entered
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When it is poured out through the nose, the fracture has probably
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or acute, e. g., in post-partum hemorrhage, no matter how much the
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The method has been successful in some cases, but in others it has failed.
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once inserted, and the csecum tied around it. To the free end of the glass
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It is evident from the facts above narrated that, at any rate, relatively
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bation, were examined and the diagnosis was made on the Negri
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of which is of growing importance. It is upon the fa
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twenty-four to those who live in the city. It is also caused
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and exercises ; but Erasmus Darwin had no such tastes.
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believed, the most convincing example yet of the vis medicatrix
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painting; and why should not a refined and cultivated
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The present organization consists of a Government representa-
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power to fiex the ankle or to extend the toes ; he could hardly contract the calf
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in vision become atrophied, but the fibres of Meynert and Gudden remain un-
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three of the most inveterate diseases known — Addison's disease, Bright's dis-
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scattered posts of duty. They are your warm friends ;
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the uterus, the proper treatment of which is divulsion of the cervix.
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flat and are covered with dark htfir behind the ears on each side. The
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next efforts were in behalf of the I59 delinquents, who, through carelessness
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Case. By Edmund C. Wendt, M.D., Curator and Pathologist
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The acute palsies may be subdivided into (A.) those which are sudden,
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was partly in the tumour itself, as could be felt by lifting it up, and
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speaking of serious, urgent and inevitable business which had detained the
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previously mentioned, in which the phthisical nature of the
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we know, that is free from the taint of insanity, although, as we
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Gastrointestinal nausea, vomiting, epigastric distress, abdominal cramping, diarrhi
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