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a pleural effusion which compresses the inferior while permitting free

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ing the process of digestion. Tonics, iron, stimulants,

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transplantation procedures. And patients with chronic

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softening of tlie brain-substance surrounding them, or by interfering with

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should always be remembered in treating universal eczema, that no

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Good Health ; or, The Physiology of Dietetics and Massage. By F. C.

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also to show that there is a lesion of the colon not belonging to

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of the frsenum linguae is often observed in children affected with hooping

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who was tried for shooting at George III. while sitting in his box at the

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tight. A hooked wire may be used to advantage at times,

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and I have yet to record a single case of relief from any of these dis-

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time of death. This rule, it is said, applies only to Paris and some of the chief

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without any risk. In cases of secondary, primary pernicious, or

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mie de Medecine. Pp. viii., 692. Paris: G. Masson, 1894.

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of said Board, or as its regulations may require of

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are for adult animals of medium size. Stallions, bulls,

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through the perineal wound. into the bladder and held in

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Mr. President and Fellow-Workers: I present this paper with no apology,

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rate. Thus, as an example, the rate in ovariotomy had

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sistance is perceptible, and by a slight rotation, remedy

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frame ; the patient is attacked by violent chills or local cramps, or else by

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cess ; in the plus, mimis, or altered quality of the

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with the Limbs and Abdomen ; the second volume contains the method of Dissection and

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unless he spends five times as much in making a 500-mile trip, and

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day almost everything abnormal in the human body is charged to some nerve dis-

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at a distance from the digestive apparatus. — Gaz. Hehdomadaire, December 14,

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Strange that one who described so delightfully the character

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Sclerotic patches in the medulla may lead to difficulty of swallowing

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to the former one, with the exception that vomiting, instead of occurring

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Made as It Is from the juices of lean, raw meat, it affords to the blood-making organs the necessary material fat

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xperimentally infected with B. typhosus may retain the bacillus for

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stimulation of each particular agent were added to the tube,

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and were nondiagnostic for mechanical bowel obstruction.

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had been tied, then slowly released, thus reducing the loss of blood to a

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