want of knowledge of a suitable remedy to treat it. But a

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silver. Immediately after some of the silver solution has been

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used in a strained and more or less unnatural manner. Dr HuUah

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the cases there was no report as to the condition of the

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cases on the routes of milk dealers as follows (see Chart No. 4) :

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and allows damages for them, however difficult they may be of

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kind, but under Dr. Howard's guiding hand they have been

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Microscopic Investigations. — The microscope has enabled an

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vaccinated children between three and six years of age who suffered from

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made repeatedly on the denuded surface of the wart.

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stored up in their bodies or represented in their body

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muscles which he treats, this plan, which takes advantage of position to facili-

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For correction of anterior lesions; patient supine,

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transmission for sensitive impressions than for motor

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the outside, but inside it was made up of loose cancellous tissue

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There being no further business, the Committee adjourned.

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clearest and most perspicuous manner. Light, Magnetism, Dynamics, Meteorology, Elec-

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several smaller carbuncles and vesicles upon the forearms and

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M^hy do r^e smell a thing less in the (winter tktun in the

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tereby repealed, and the following sections and sub-sections are

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sonably referred to pressure on the bladder. Against the theory

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ing in amount, unites the loops of intestines to each other, to

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Associate Attending Physician, New York Hospital. B.S.

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only, a few strokes being very quick, and then again a

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(3.) Medulla at level of calamus scriptorius (picro-carmine,

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glands. For example : he followed up Glisson's description of the

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is indicated both by such published evidence as we have, and