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having retired from his work at the Hospital in 1868, he

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a fact, from long experience; but it is equally true, that

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therefore, should be gradually lessened in proportion as a return

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treated during the early period after the first introduction of the treatment

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able secondary effects. — Apotli. Ztg., 1888 ; Amer.Journ.

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clinic location, and HIV risk-exposure information from cli-

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Common throughout the state and quite variable as to habit,

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inches apart. The one in front is stationary, being secured to the roof and

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license to, or may suspend or revoke the license of,

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H. C. BLAIR, cor, Eighth and Wahiut Sts., Philadelphia.

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Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Cancer Prevention and Control. The members have a strong

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ined post-mortem by these inspectors and only 579, or 0.00004 per cent,

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Advanced classes in physics, electricity, and radiology should be

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edition and the publication of a second \itliiii flie

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below the right cord. Early in November, the appear-

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leave them to extricate themselves as best they can— or, like a rat-trap,

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Avid insects became an acknowledged means of diagnosis. Almost

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the presence of contagio-infectious diseases in their province. The

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second day. On one day only was any tremor observed in the affected parts.

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President, expressing his appreciation of the honor

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Art. YII. — Fibrous Tumour of the Base of the Tongue. By J. F. Fitts,

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met with successful cases from the employment of this agent.

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Detroit Free Press: " Full of interesting facts and parallels drawn

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mother, because the extreme nervousness of the child is

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diet, a diet of salted food, of food without salt (ably argued by Munro),

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the small bronchi disappear, and finally nothing remains but a

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matic gangrene. The surgeon must be on his guard against the

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oxidation from glycerin, undergoes in the organism of the normal and

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trophy of the arterial walls implied a proportional overgrowth of all the tunics,

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