the resemblance still greater ; but headache, vomiting, and optic neuritis, if

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the liver or any other abdominal organ, the treatment must

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membranes of the bi onchial tubes, as unworthy of the nam^

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almost the only persons with sufficient education to

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and solar plexus, on being subjected to microscopic examination,

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which will offer the greatest inducements to invalids to be out

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employed during the acute stage, when it may be given in doses

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Vichy is valuable in this way. The utility of thermal

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that are found in fatal cases of typho-malarial fever, and

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and lard i to 7 or 8 parts; fly blister, and lard 1 to 3 parts, mix the two

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Lobar pneumonia occurring as a complication of typhoid fever, is generally

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was pills of calomel, hippo, and opium, repeated blisters to the

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Seeondly, as to the oeulo-motor symptoms. — Nothnagel has never

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country of an ally ; the opposing forces were completely defeated

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so blended with concurrent or contemporaneous diseases, one of which

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types were probably the results of secondary and tertiary invading

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27. Maudsley, Henry: Homicidal Insanity, Journal of Mental Science, IX, 336, October,

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The deaths (212) included 4 from whooping-cough, 1 from

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cough at the age of 4 months and pneumonia when aged 1 year. He

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Sanitary Conditions Aboard Transports, by Dr. J. J. Heagerty 145

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3d. the thrombosis m t^ bone leading to. the veins being

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origin. The deatruction of the germ in situ is the thing indicated.

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distributing reservoir of animal electricity, is the residence of the

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the presence of albumen, is worthy of attention. Suspicion is

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it shall be fed, and how often in the day ; and, lastly,

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As the swellings increase the pain increases and the

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have, for nearly half a century, stood in the highest favor

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hemorrhages into the cord following a fatal injury, and sums up

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tation is largely reduced or has disappeared. After

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yellow serum, with a small amount of adherent lymph. There

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pneumonia, and later empyema. On the IGth day after opera-

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as operative mainly in the immediate surroundings of the patient, and

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to the type of his intermittent, the algor increased and was followed by

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eosinophilia, and in the finding of trichuris ova in the stools. With

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it slowly four or five hours, or until it is perfectly tender ; then

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clinical and hospital instruction— but as a means of benefitting those

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It is of benefit for nursing mothers to go out for frequent walks or