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trict veterinarian to be transported into and to remain within the State. In addi-
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clearly the right thing to do. The day following the
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of men. and they are led to indulge in it by the rigorous and irregular
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at the beginning of the reaction the concentration of peptone at any
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should be practised if the condition of the patient seem to render it expedieot,
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been saying might be drawn from some of the royal families
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Cataract lenses diminish the field of vision very materially. On this account
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tLroughout ; posterior to the nipple line there was thick yellow puro-lymph
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tor, and Drs. George C. Shrady and L. B. Bangs, that
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17th. 1872, the boy was admitted into the University College Hospital, and
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Also that it is less systemized in the sane than in the insane,
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ounces of blood were lost. The spleen was yet enlarged.
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kind of jam and the candied lemon peel. Fill the dish with
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fied the flies so that they would be easily disposed of. Even in my boyhood a few smart
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nature into the circulation. Perhaps this takes place continuously,
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and begins passive motion in forty-eight hours — **on the
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makes his entrance into a city, aU other diseases at once put
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The ganglia (Fig. 22) are small masses of nervous matter arranged
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in classical and general studies. At the age of 17, he was articled to a
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quart ; mix, and make a wash. This plan, with either of
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average, to strengthen the ethics, to broaden and develop the
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was in the possession of his son, who lived down town.
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the formalin: The gas is liberated by the evaporation of the
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is generally not much greater from large than from small doses, and disappears rap-
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those who peruse the text, and have some personal familiarity with
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be gradual, with dropsy and venous engorgement, or, without such
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even to engage in animated conversation, for he is overcome