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in the latter. Instead of leaving the bowel entirely
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obstruction where there was no mechaiuc;'.l obstacle.
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in assuming the necessity for the rich proteid diet called for by the Voit
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view ; he holds this dilatation to be passive, and the consequence of a primary
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swollen equally and is sensitive to tlie touch; violent splitting headache
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drsquamation. Then an ointment of zinc and salicylic acid is used. He
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of the propagation of cholera, the success of the measures
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work placed in char^re of a competent instructor. The appliances nec-
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grandeur and of beauty which prolonged contemplation
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spired, giving vent to a peculiar noise which might
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the camps would not be stocked, except with inferior criolla, or native,
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increase the number and devotedness of their adherents.
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not mean the broncho-pneumonias, occurring from insi)ired irri-
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Experiment. — Fill a flask with spirit — say whiskey, and place it in
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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the
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these may cause paralysis of a single nerve, and indeed, an intracranial
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.spine et les n6vroses post-typliiques. Gaz. hebd. do ni6d.,
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per vaginam. His observations on the ill effects of hard purging
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and chalybeate are each useful in certain cases. Doubtless, however,
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repetition and adjustment by increased organization
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who was stated to have lost his property by speculating on the Stock
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applied. The dose may be repeated as frequently as indica-
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the latter is followed by slight hemorrhage. Both uri-
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last indication are blind shrunken globes too tender
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joyful and ready in his responses. Afterwards he became melan-
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In the introductory chapter we find a reiteration of the author's well-known
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Typhoid Fever and Periostitis. — (Mercur. Lyon Medicaly
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symptoms and lesions do not differ from those are handled, have been poisoned by constant
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matter is formed. Where there is no visible product, we must be
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part of the forehead, nose, and temple, over the jaws, ear, and submaxillary
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symptoms, therefore, the surgeon need not hesitate to
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was a total absence of prostration ; the patients were
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i white in color. A milky fluid exudes from it, consisting of cylindric cells,
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of it in a remarkable degree. Erom this view of the subject, it follows
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and the close attention of intelligent stu- ] general practitioners, this is obviously lie-
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cially obtain, as for instance, in the manufacturing and mining districts of Eng-
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even when she had been passive or in a state of rest. The
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cesso di tenoplastica. Bull. d. sc. med. di Bologna, 1894,
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The tube was so placed as to cause the rays to strike the
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forated. The condition is a general one, save in the rare instances mentioned