of Section 3, which read as follows : " . . . this act shall not be

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difficulties in diagnosis ; in one case, in which a diagnosis of ruptured gall-

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J. J. R. Macleod, in discussion, said that it is interesting that the

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L-Suprarenin Synthetic Bitartrate Tablets, 0.001 Gm., each contain-

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benicar hct(olmesartan medoxomil hydrochlorothiazide)

certain definite causes are well known, that other causes are

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normal. The fall of pressure resulting hours or days after

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^P*" *« *«™e "d «J>e cesspool, uid there should be no trap

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advisable, being prepared, however, to do immediate delivery,

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physicians whom some of these pathists aim to discredit and disr-

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before and after purification, with the rates obtained in the

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tation, but the kitchens, wardrobes, laboratories, dynamos, gym-

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taining little fibrin and few erythrocytes. They are composed

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gitis and possibly in acute rheumatic fever. He has been much impressed

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parallel in their relation to uncontrollable causes, and the

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Pure Food and Drugs Act against the following nostrums : Wood's

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T trff ■ ,^"1*^' '^""^^ "'^'' ^ '° P'°"Sh land infested with

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tionable. The uterus ought to be emptied as a general rule, but this

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• little cold water ««J*,rT ^'"="'°K'» tincture of «»nite in

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SIX inches thick, made of five parts gravel to one of cement. For

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professions scholarships as well as the Public Health Ser-

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The discovery of Spirochaeta pallida and the practical ap-

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The Section on Pathology met on Friday, January 12. The program

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Weather Bureau, 1902, page 22, describes the rocking movements

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necessity of the presence of typhoid organisms in viable form,

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emptied and this procedure was supplemented by rest, milk and vegetable

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Edward Lauder reported two cases of glaucoma treated by trephin-

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JOURNAL the latter was transformed from a publication which

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W. C. Tuckerman recalled the case he had shown before the Section

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lococcal bacteremia will develop infective endocarditis

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lumbar puncture with a thorough study of the cerebrospinal fluid, in this

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and, without fear that the pharmacist will dare to dispense the

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upon the calories needed, nor how far the various febrile diseases modify

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American students who have strong desires to continue

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Obstetrics, Southern Medical Journal, Cleveland Medical Jour-

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brand of imipramine pamoate, may be resumed in lower

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the incidence of inflammatory complications was 9.7

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property and of conduct can be no more absolute than the people

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sewage pollution and so-called drift, caused by unbalanced move-

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of red blood cell by concentric layers of intimal cells (hematoxylin and eosin stain, original magnification X640). (B) Fibrin

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inclined. His mother came to visit him at Carlsruh during

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