which the husband is restricted to four wives; and another kind, called
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Art. 192. — Puncture of the Bladder above the Pubea.
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(ii.) The patient is in coma. The coma may be simply that which
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but not in others. The disease has been observed to be associated with ery-
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January, 1864, the &ecal discharges having continued in
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t\v3 influence of local causes, such as stagnant water, overflowing vaults.
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relative aux Fonctions du Systeme Nerveux en General. Par J. P. Gama, D.M.
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ture all that is dear to them in the world, their re-
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trated male ''gelding, steer or wether) urinating in the
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liquid to simmer gently over a slow fire, for two to three
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may be caused in these cases by the presence of acid metabolites, and
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Records of Daily Practice. A Scientific Visiting List for Physicians
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at the time, it has also been administered prophylac-
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tion of mortality is overrated, at least if we judge by the results
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that are chopped oflf the surface fr.om the nakdshi-
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minds in any way whatever, so that they may bring a buoyant
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above three and under fourteen years of age, whilst
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so that a small bean or pea has been known to increase to thrice its
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that the sensory centres are localised in the same region.
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which this phenomenon is observed are tubercular meningitis,
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therefore invalided and sent back to England in June 1883, and
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certain it is that by the ancient nations it was studied as a science,
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pressure is less than normal, and that therefore the above-de-
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ZB, On Hepatic Colic. By M. Trousseau. (Gazette des Ilopitanx. 37, 1860.)
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taken upward of half a century, however, to establish its position
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exit, where there is a little movable muscle, called the Pyloric Yalve, (a faithful
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ment adopted. It is obvious that much work remains to