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till it has done fermenting, and in twenty-four hours it will be

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that a more extensive lesion will be found to produce a state which

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Nevertheless it should be considered by itself, as in so

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superior article. Every fluid ounce contains fifteen sralns of magnesia in

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functions of the spleen was made by Thomas Hodgkin in 1822.

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up the mystery ? The liver, or factory organ, gets the blame.

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backward with the recession of the striate area and may be pres-

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of that city. During the last four years he has enjoyed honour-

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D-dimer test were positive at 2,000 to 4,000 ng per ml. A

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be retracted and the bone tissue removed with the tooth, roughened

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1754 a. — Of the anthelmintic virtues of the root of the Indian pink, being part of

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By M. Simon Duplat, of the Hdpital de la Piti^, Paris.

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well be that the observed changes in the thyroid gland are not the cause

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air; they restore the blue colour of reddened litmus ; are soluble in

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but they are abundant a few hours after death. Soil con-

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of some importance is the fact that the anatomical nomenclature in use in this country has

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Elwood Hotel, Waterville, at 7.30 p. m., October 12, 1910. The

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variable, often diametrically opposite, in different individuals, and in

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spots on skin, but marked hypostasis. The heart and pericardium were

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observed which have some bearing on the clinical aspects of the