upward, while in hydatids the tumor grows from above downward. In

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acute, it precedes marked suppuration ; when more gradual, it follows a

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vailing. I frequently saw cases where such a mistake had been made, while

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pearance they are almost confluent. The conjunctivae are early involved

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the mouth and tongue, due to the growth of the germs of the thrush-fun-

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sule small, rounded, fatty tumors are found. Growths of bony, muscular,

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capillary. The condition of the patient at the time of the hemorrhage

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relief for a time, and it is justifiable to resoi't to it when the fluid collec-

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from venous thrombi usually induce pulmonary infarction; emboli from

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treatment will decrease the dropsy, and for a time this class of patients will

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fever. Diarrhoea is the rule in typhoid fever, while constipation and clay-

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This form of )ieiv groiuth is perhaps the most characteristic lesion of con-

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Treatment. — The preventive treatment corresponds to the preventive

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form of alcohol should be allowed ; the patient may drink freely of flax-

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w^hen I made my morning visit, I would find little snow-drjfts on the floor

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9. Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea and vomiting are unfavorable

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out of their normal situations in consequence. In some cases the liver has

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anus, where it may be seen. Examination with the finger is deceptive,

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phere which suit them best. Second. — Those cases which are of more dis-

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extracts, pancreatic and pepsin emulsions, etc., have all proved inferior

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starch, bread and milk, potatoes, etc. To make a flax-seed poultice, stir

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symptoms are persistent pain in the loin, which is increased upon exer-

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constant motion. The ulcerative stage may become pronounced, and

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result of hepatic derangement, but hemorrhoids are very common. There

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prevented the occurrence of the relapse. Opium in full doses was then

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Its duration varies from one or two weeks to one or two months, the aver-

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patient usually referring the difficulty to a point

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toms are present, a careful physical examination of the chest should be

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fracture invades the joint, effusion of blood will take place within the

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extensive pleuritic changes may render the vocal fremitus less distinct.

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pletion. It is rare before forty and occurs usually after the sixtieth

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determined the character of the tumor and shown the presence of pus, is

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recovery is most frequent when an external opening is established.

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plaining cancer. Cancer consists of a condition- where the epithelial

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acute intestinal catarrh by the administration of castor-oil. The diet

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with part of the artery for its wall, or an effusion of blood within the

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tumors are of the nature of cancer and rodent ulcer, and may be diag-

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that of an invalid. If alcoholic stimulants have been used habitually or

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months ; I have known death to occur within three weeks after the com-