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also acute pain referred to the left ear, the external meatus of which

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failed to control it, except in a single instance. He would not expect

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doctrines and prejudices of all the ages. We are cheered and sup-

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face was flushed, or his eyes suffused, no matter what the stage of the

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the condition in which we found the intestines, discharging blood

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marked the settled expression of despair it assumed when the prognosis

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the skin looked as if it had been painted over, and there was not a

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various deranged conditions, which are developed, sometimes simulta-

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a little softened; villous coat like velvet; when in water villosities

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otomy till the period of teething, at least; but he

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former position. My own impression was, that it was attached by

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a pleasing interest and occupation to my mind, such as travelling

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as the heads of a lecture, and not as conveying all that I may have said

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no doubt on this point. Why should it not have done so ? Because

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to that class of tissues wliich possess an inferior degree of vitality;

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of the nose and other parts, in many instances^ at least, arises from a

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not be applied ; it was even impossible to administer a lavement.

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lived, but modified slightly their biological prop-

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produce other than palliative effects,) and other chronic conditions

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This case was peculiarly interesting to me, as I had heard of

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Modern Medicine. Vol. i. No. 1, May, 1919. Published monthly by the Modern

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At Jericho, Sept. 1, Henry Moorehouse, only son of Dr. Henry M. Smith

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the upper part of the left tonsil, extending thence across to the soft

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anything that required the adoption of active measures. He had maculae,

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velum and pituitary membrane, the stertorous breathing, and complete

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cussions on this subject may be found in physiological writings, and it

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mate results and we find paralj'^sis, lead colic, and insanity to follow

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scrupulous. Thus Dr. Clark relates that he has heard the case of a phthisical person

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urer, who reports three hundred and forty-Jive dollars already in the

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lay dormant until spring, 1822, when it again showed itself, and spread

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of castor oil. The advantage derived about the same time in BerHn

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that he had raved the whole time, occasionally shouting and singing.

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perience in relation to such diseases occurring in any part of the

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^ May we send a bottle of Listerine to your address, Doctor, for

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irritation may, as well as inflammation of the kidneys, give rise to para-