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benefit of their patients, by disbelieying what they have never tried,

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than tuberculosis, and in this connection he pointed out

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Barry, D. J., spinal cord in relation to respiratory mechanism, 492.

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skinned, nervous ones. The blister should be left on

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iological condition, have been minutely described in most syste-

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always occurs in horses that are in good flesh or fat,

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illustrations of the great truth, that *^ it is better to be taught by

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anemic, and suffer from pains, chiefly in the shins.

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only one of which I have had personal knowledge. In his

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hyperthyroidism m the early stage, with marked pre-

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Dr. Gait was Superintendent and Physician of the Eastern Luna-

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that is in one sense the cause of any neurotic com-

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cases. Resistance to the cure on the part of the pa-

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of contaminated clothing, etc., that ought, under all circumstances^

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dition, as is simple extravasation of blood in an inflamed

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1900 White, Arthur H., L.R.C.P. & S.I., Professor of Pathology Roy:il

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many cases be impossible, but I do not think it at all

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They according with my views, I proceeded, the patient being under

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actinism of the sunbeam, has lately been taken advantage of in pho¬ę

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In closing this hastily and imperfectly written article, an earnest

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in other words along the entire ^^^^PSBBSsB^SHiB^PPy^

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bed life, but the deep sea-sounding apparatus of Brooke, brings

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which hisdiscomfort might be diminished and his health safe-guarded.

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on Sundays, on the grounds that the normal effect of such funerals

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siderable importance, and secondly, because it could

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paper on this subject to the Journal of Obstetrics and

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a precipice 433 feet high. I have seen the wild stone-avalanches of

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hiv! b' n no previous symptoms, that th y could recognize, or such

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specialists, and the arrangement is very systematic,

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tions should be taken against bladder over-distension.

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vening between himself and the animal's hide ; his feet are next

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posterior portion is situated more to the outer side

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in extenso, but leaving this fruitful labor to more competent hands,

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