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of ill results from their operative interference admits of little
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has never been sustained against a qualified medical man in this
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second to none in the State. In this progressive spirit and move-
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While drawing up and twisting the wire, he keeps one finger in
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three instances in which the operation of amputation above the
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maintained for a short time, as in Dr. Abraham's case, treatment of prolapse
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through the production of fibrous or cicatric^'al tissue about the diseased
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tables. There is some evidence to show that the desiccated filariform
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always of sufficiently serious a nature to excite much apprehen-
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order. The names are those of the parties whose herds took the disease by infection or con-
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perfect skeleton, accurately indexed for reference. This will
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army as a military necessity that soldiers shall never be divided
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Negretto (Riforma Medica; British Medical Journal, July
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necessities for more elaborate stains. The bacteriological
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harm by exaggerating itself. In catarrhal conditions of the air-
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ments showed that the carbonic oxide is the poisonous
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chambers when they escape from society at the close of day, to
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symptoms" ; and Cooper adds, ''Trephining for concus-
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conservative or expectant plan on the battle-field.
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consider that ventilation goes hand in hand with heating, and the
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bia, 1' Providence, Lowell and Somerville one each.
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cal examination : chest flattened on the right side ;
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tonitis ; at least many such cases fail to show any evidence
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20. Special Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract. — Including disorders of
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Let us see to it that in the days to come, we interpret that in indus-
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of a certain conformity in the manner in j large, should be protected from abuse of
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from the prolapsed uterus. In these operations as much care must be
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July 14, 1917, patient visited his home in Yorkshire " on leave," and while there