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measures, and especially the application of heat with mois-

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have been included partly in the albuminous, the gelatin-

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kept in mind, that through the medium of the skin a very

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ofects m priapisai. nrmphomania. a disposition to onanism, ete. Now

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their art .•• By what spirit were they moved .''

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with advantage. They are appUeahle only to chronic cases of this dis-

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and, in some, very striking instances, in which not only are the charac-

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nevertheless owe his subsistence to the crooked and feeble

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action of the non-naturals on the system, we cannot say with

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thai the reader is already acquainted with its chemical and physical proip-

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For a classification upon this principle we are not yet prepared. Our

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repose themselves on the general rule — to withhold animal

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soluble. It is dissolved by decoction with water at the or-

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liar Bitter f^ compriRmg Peruvian Bark with Quinia and its other prppi^ratinns»

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Whisky (Spiritus Fkumenti, U. S.) was introduced into the U. S.

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of syphilis, in wldch mercury is altogether coutraindicaied. (Med. Times

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erally more or less hardness of hearing, which, indeed, is one of the most

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usually pleasant in their character, but sometimes very much the reverse.

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Claude, and peopled it with the martyrs of science,

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When coffee is taken in excess, it causes a feeling of oppression or

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cough ; being thrown into the air-passages by means of the atomizer.

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of the infusions are most elegantly and efficiently prepared by the pro-

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tities not exceeding six grains daily, in doses of half a grain or a grain,

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be hidden. Twelve hours elapsed before these effects had entirely disappeared.

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is beyond all doubt Its rapid disappearance from the stomach, and its

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* The body continues to give forth additional fluid, even when covered,

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and cleaning, is of the very first importance. Man, woman,

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banks of the island and girt with a rush, indicating

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impressing my views upon the profession, feeling confident that, if

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yellowish -gray. The odour, which in the fresh root is slight, is, in the

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intefidH ^Qif cutoriml use^ oontaining exit-aet of belljulonna ftnd laudanum, faaTins

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mental Enquiry," page 151, says, " nature makes use of

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Sometimes, however, it occasions headache, and, instead of sound sleep,

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very much the reverse ; and, altogether, the effects are so pleasing that

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tem ; others, operating upon one or more of those functions, as the cir-

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position zur Infektion. Prag. Med. Wochenschr. 22: 49.

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ways morbid causes, may also, though really opposite in character, give

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of meningeal inllainmation or acute gaatritis, when brought on by iun

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modate themselves to the wide and flowing, and inconvenient

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of air, are most beneficial to the health ; but the exercises