drunk, there were 11 cases of diarrhoea only, and no deaths."

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jury in the fourth session of the Superior Court in Boston

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have existed. A little later, in 1546, Geronimo Fracastorius

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formation of a true ulcer, but in others, the necrotic tissue remained

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When fluid is injected at low pressures the result is different, for the

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For the special care of the Chinese, several of the missionary

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days. Similarly in a third case, seen fourteen hours after the dis-

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the ground. These bacilli, especially those of tetanus, are found also with

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instances, a close resemblance to pulmonary tuberculosis, and in others

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If the hemorrhage is considerable in quantity and requires

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these injections. After the subcutaneous injection of canthara-

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American sheep barn, which consists of covered sheds for

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irregularity of the pulse has been noted, and this always occurred in the

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D-dimer test were positive at 2,000 to 4,000 ng per ml. A