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and hearing — such as the movements about him of attendants,

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C. Recreation for Troops. — (1) Study and list now the forms of

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the matter, we now often determine with certainty what exists.

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Tlie variations of pitch in speecli may be compared to the

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Buffalo Bur, Beaked Horse-Nettle {Solanum rostratum Dunal.)

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In addition, members made hundreds of cancer dressings

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some surgeons recommend drainage through the loin in such

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active working branches throughout the different States. The bill itself is

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to be the thing causing the disorder of his patient.

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abdominal distention with tympany. The diaphragm is

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vessels may be eroded by the spread of ulceration. This, in brief, is about

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seats of puncture were covered with adhesive plaster.

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pulmonary artery, and arrested in the superior division of that vessel

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made into it ; (d) that the supratonsillar fossa and the

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micrographs respectively of the same preparations as figures 21

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the male patients, on the contrary, were very much troubled with constipa-

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a potu. Ordered opium, gr. iv. to be succeeded by gr. ij. every two

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these motions to be conducted from the right side instead of the left, as

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tomy, 170; the bill to authorize the practice of osteopathy, 195;

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by both. As regards the second exhibit, he considered that

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aortoiliac stenosis, and aortic dissection. The age of the

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more closely with the distribution of the bronchi, to the occlu-