me that chronic catarrhal inflammation of the middle ear
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of to-day have the idea, produced by the preponderance of train-
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situation should have existed in 18 out of 52 cases. Our present knowl-
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these circumstances the attention is apt to become concentrated on the
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but there can be no reason why, in a certain set of cases, the diseased
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and surrounded by a zone of edematous swelling that partially
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quently associated with appendix disease. This finding suggests that it is the fixed
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complications. The disease prevailed from July to October; it
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his affidavit that the funis pulsated after ^cates of still-birth when the child moved
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ments induced by the cardiac pulsations are not so extensive as those caused
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determined by faradic stimulation. After the operation there was entire
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duced. A modification of Sclioler's method is now recommended
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July 6th. — Patient writes from his home in the country
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my hospital position on March 10, having beeen legislated out
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passed the ends of the catgut sutures (which were left long) down into
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The structure of the muscular system of the human foot has been
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which they know no means of escape ; is it not natural to be
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not imbibe these stains). My observations on the nuclei
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remain twelve to forty-eight hours. This is, I believe, an
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of normal and pathological cerebrospinal fluids, Lange discovered
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amount; if necessary, the bowels, in the mean time, being gently
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the repeated performance of their acts. For instance, .a whirling
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minute proportions; viz., one part in ten thousand. 2. It is destroy-
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cancerous nodes. Because of the aggressive nature of
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the spleen was not enlarged, the boy had been saturated
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severe accidents rarely resulted. The uterus might develop in
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the medical theories which have successfully risen to
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Returning in the evening, to my surprise and gratification, I
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a|o, I re- vaccinated myself, and produced a large pustule, which at 6rst
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icteric condition, which! reported in the beginning of this
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The right deltoid, too, was soft and atrophied, and the left to a less
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the distress in respiration. We are not dealing merely with physi-
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bling red currant juice with white currants floating in it. The mass is
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dans la fi6vre typhoide. Arch, de med. et pharm. mil.,
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Semi-diagrammatic illustration showing method employed by Dr. Chetwood
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University Dispensary, where the colored race largely predominate, and
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ful blood-pressure tests as it is to observe pulse-rate and temperature.
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of medical colleges, the increasing crop of professorships,
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that was your child's gun, not mine," and infringing upon my