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The patient, although partially intoxicated, readily comprehended that

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has been as potent in improving the condition of the schools.

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epidemic in the regions attacked. The principal commercial cities or

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the proposition of Treviranus, that " each single part of the body,

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nursing mothers and teething children it has no superior.

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art of self-preservation. The indifference of nature is com-

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ally intact, although swollen and granular. This appearance may extend

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to assist in restoration, if fainting should occur — and that the part to

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the dust of grain, and a cough had been often excited by it. Finally, copious

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made at intervals of three or four days. I regret not being able to

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in considering the therapy of acute insanity, we must always be mindful

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cient ground on this score to justify the least alarm,

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ployed in the experiments was kindly furnished by Dr. Ira

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been vomited and passed by the bowels. But the most wonder-

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tissues, and last but not least, the absence of infection

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had been previously boiled and placed in a solution of carbolic

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with her first babe, ages from ten to fifteen years, and with each

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rum. His book is a thorough exposition of the whole matter, and will

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R L. ^\,. O.d. optic neuritis double, some ha-morrhages, .swelling + 3 R. and L. ; L.

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the agency of files, either by preventing their breeding or preventing

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painful. The patient's sleep is disturbed by the coughing spells,

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first dorsal vertebrae, while in front of the gullet we have the mem-

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same results, for that would not alter the facts educed

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the need for more facts. In acute nephritis, where the

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All bedrooms and corridors kept at a uniform temperature in the

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dominate. Sometimes sufficient parasites lodge in the capillaries

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he had abandoned the idea of saying what absolute colour an eye was, there

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Dn. Brown suggested the possibility of sarcinai ventriculi being present in

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