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own country ; but this fact should stimulate us to more careful
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undergoes in the development of puberty. Dr. Clouston
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tion but will not affect cranial nerve function. The use of
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vaccinations by the Board's own oflScers without the
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frequent light convulsions, and there was no way to account for this
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with aniline dyes and even with haematoxylin, could be demonstrated inside
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reaction. The children developed well, which seemed to show that nurs-
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heavy deposit of urates, no albumin, no sugar. Had several attacks
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standing invitation and an enduring fascination for
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more or less astringency, are classed among the general or constitutional tonics. The natural
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known that human blood serum outside of the body exerts a powerful germi-
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loping stage," has bid defiance to all modes of treatment. I doubt
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ticular part is proportionably relieved. On the same principle
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off without any trouble. This fever has been thought, by
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II. Physical Signs Course — Clinical Demonstrations.
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patient, stated that the pulse gradually fell, and the respirations gradually
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they come on earlier and earlier, until work has to be set
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the rheumatic diathesis it is true that iritis often results from exposure
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sional brethren in those Philistine days ; but he won the regard
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maceutist who dispenses them, from the materials described
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others had any medicinal treatment whatever. It spent the day
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I was now sent for, and on arrival found her looking very
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attaining their object by promoting watery diarrhoea — partly,
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tuberculosis. He uses solutions of one-quarter to two
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firlxniden Organismus. Arch, exper. Path. u. Pharmakol. 38: 284, 1896.
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Douglas M'Rae showed — (1) Rats showing paresis resulting from the
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to believe that so much of the valuable space of the Journal would not
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greater for each function) performed each of the general
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to excited action, readily inflames when injured, and suffers more
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spicuous by their absence. It is analgesic, antipyretic, beneficial
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wherever inoculated. The period of inoculation is very variable; accord-
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uterine appendages complicated by intraperitoneal abscess has
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November, 1877, by which he dislocated his shoulder.
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suffocation. The disease strongly resembles the Russian
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