testing. The largest study done in more than 900 health

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division hospitals are failures in the broad sense.

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cap, in which case a thin-heeled shoe with a projection

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point of the spring manometer corresponding to each 10 mm. Hg of

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of contagious diseases, just as are attending physicians in

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Abscess of Liver,— li 16 (John 92, P.M. 183), multiple abscesses, pyaemie

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treatment, if any, and the result; the duration of relief; the

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by the pathologist. Cholelithiasis was present in 60 patients.

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It was not possible in my original communication to the

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(i) The fragments are often superimposed in two layers and those

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the nursing process may have to be stopped in one or both

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heart wound, produced by a stab with a long, rusty pen-knife, involved

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tion slightly better although there was extreme pallor and an insatiable thirst.

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tion is rarely demanded. The employment of it, in a majority of in-

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in applying the test. 'To increase the sensitiveness of the muscle, the

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regard camphor as a panacea, and have at the same time set many physicians

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evfl so gigantic has been produced that no one can suggest a reasonable

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to its maximum capacity. Now, although this is ^uite consonant with our

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ance of the house staff of the hospital, I performed the Schwartze

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very soon after birth. In other cases the child is normal

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a colloidal molecule it cannot pass through the capillary walls, or

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tion be taken up as well, so as to make the congress

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adequately relieved by the use of the catheter, and include those

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that we consider the arrangement somewhat confused, we must do

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palate, that we were induced to test the range of its applicability to this end.

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fore the incision of the skin and reflection of the flap which constitutes

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was resorted to, with good result. As it seemed evi-

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complained of the poverty of his See, was soon after-

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odour, and not containing any clots of blood. By introducing the

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municate it to you. If the case itself fails to interest some of larger ex-