warrant the belief that a cure is established. It is not proven that
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" Wine is the universal medicine for the healthy as well as for the sick, for
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bacteriological examination of the discharge, along with an account
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about the third day ; while the cells coalesce into a slight ulcer,
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diseases, and the study of the urine in case of disease gives us valuable in-
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Virchow's Archiv, Bd. exxii. S. 232.-22. Skvvai.l. "Experiments on the Preventive
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the simple reason that many cases do not appear to be severe-
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weight from an increase of fat as to induce ill health, and
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the author that manly of these local conditions are
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among us. The power of such an association — good ac-
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In the second case, although it was only the third day of the
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You see the long, tall, lank, lean fellows around here with hollow eyes and
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overgrowth, narrow chest, flat sides, pot belly, and an appearance
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patient will often drop immediately into a refreshing sleep, with a
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IIow. then, is this slate of solution oblatned in the three forms of mer-
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masses) . The great toe and the small joints of the fingers are most fre-
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siology and Ophthalmology in the Univeisityof Utrecht. Re-
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therefore do think it a thmg most natural to contend for that !
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due to the i-apidity witli wliicli tlie intestines are emptied, where]>y
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methods, together with a chapter on urine analysis and the examination
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