inoculation, the degree of attenuation of the organisms and the strength
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ance with the tendency of certain textures in the abdomen to
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1st. Means «f changing the pump from an exhaust to a force pump, and vice versa, thereby
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phorated spirit, soap Hniment, etc. Others may be greatly
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certain it is that by the ancient nations it was studied as a science,
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tions. The sea-breeze coming direct from the ocean is
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it has also been necessary concurrently to have recourse to agents of
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sequent Acts down to the early part of the reign of Victoria,
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is used in doses of 20 c.c. injected into the trachea in the ordi-
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226. On the Diagnosis of Extra-Uterine Pregnancy. Mr. Law son Tait ^ Y 219
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iliac opening by a sound or the finger, must be cut and the
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employed. His face was pinched, extremities cold.; complained
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published by the University of Chicago Press. Illustrations (glossy prints are
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obstruction and accumulation of purulent matter. The
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TABLE 1 .-Occupational Lead Chelation Cases Reported
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which resemble those of Addison's disease as closely as do the
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i needed to avoid irreversible damage to themselves and others, and to take the first step toward rehabilitation.
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ceding operation immediately after the reserved portion, to render
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discharged freely. At the end of the above period, it was ascer-
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became greater than the blood-pressure in the pulmonary
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the sulphide was made, at other times he had worked at his trade as
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considered too expensive and distracting for univer-
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lower limbs are much more closely associated in their'movements than the
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surface colonies do not appear so readily on the plate under aerobic
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have a useful place in operative obstetrics, where rapid delivery is
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determining the microbicide power of the preparation \vhen sprayed
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admitted. It is to be taken into the account, also, that persons
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Violent temper is worse than petulance. It is absolutely danger-