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" It is to be remarked, however, that exercise and temperance may

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arranged. Professor A. H. Tashjian, Jr. and others.

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appears, in some cases, to be constant; in others, it is

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bone on the right side. The rest of the bones and joints of the feet were

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are short and apt to be relapsing, and in most of those which I

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1971, University of Bologna Faculty of Medicine and

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path of moist air currents rainfall is great, as, for instance, the Khasi range

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logical, 1,498; laryngological, 3,222; dermatological, 1,922; neurological,

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(Paris), in considering the danger of hasmorrhages in connec-

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That infectious diseases, as the name imports, spread by

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GYNECOLOGY— Intensive Course, two weeks, starting

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and the ' Tuberculosis Prevention (Ireland) Act, 1908," as

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sore throat; the tonsils on both sides were much enlarged,

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with a view to throwing some light on this important subject,

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or in almost any mucous membrane, usually brought there by the hands in

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These enlargements are frequently met with in the shoulder

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arterio-sclerosis, suffered with attacks of angina pectoris

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whilst they are in hospital recovering from various infections, is

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not properly given . There will always be some complaint under any method,