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less, Gentlemen, clinical experience demonstrates beyond the possi-

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faction of a scientific curiosity, however laudable, to

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perhaps to half a degree below normal. If it go be-

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Lepra.. Norwegian : Spedalske, Spedalskhed, Likpra. Swedish : Spetdlskan.

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Although in various accounts of gastric ulcer the possibility of

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Notes on Minor Surgery. Edward O. Otis, A.B., M.D., Bos-

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and views of others, the fruits, perhaps, of a life of practical and

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were in BelleTue Uoapital,and 11 died in the Immigrant Institution.

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able to discover in my very careful examination, has given great satisfaction.

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always been as clean as it is possible for such a wound to be, healing up

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The presence or absence of eosinophile cells in the infiltration could

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tion of gas and of the human tissues ; failing any free ventil-

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fulfilled. The real influence of our library is in the intel-

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Warm Spring Creek, August 10, 1894 (No. 799). AfautUam

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superficial diphtheritic or croupous inflammation is caused by the hog-cholera

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coal dust, etc., it will flow around and enwrap the

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agreement among those who have studied the subject carefully, as well as

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the diversity of symptoms in haemorrhage than by a similar want of

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gives a fair idea of the various opinions of the relation of streptococci

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trous-oxide gas, the latter being used almost exclusively by dentists.

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On December 4, 1885, the Olmsted County Medical Society was reorganized

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that person is usually taken down with the disease.

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tions of the brain following injury to the head, and characterised by many

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can never count upon spontaneous expulsion. Every hour the of-

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geal joints and extended at the other joints and were

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local affection on the genital organs of the male; and, therefore, still more

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time wherein it is performed ; the liquors and salts

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Lastly, Let her take half a dram of bay-berries beaten to

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It is obvious that anything which disturbs what might be

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Orange Counties, on the west bank of the Hudson, he

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cerebro-spinal meningitis that schools do in other infectious diseases. The

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having been mated once, produced bad colts. A brood