numerous and well developed as in normal tissue. The changes then
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bedtime to the closed eye and the blackness will disappear by morning.
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long as she remained quiet the abdomen was free from pain. Much pain, how-
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rior horn myelitis was, as had been suggested, retrogres-
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ingredients rendered the atmosphere of the wards suggestively
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tile. The body was composed of these fundamental ele-
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and profitable teachers. In addition to the former members of the Fac-
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1878 — 12 to 1; 6 to 7. M. D. (Harv.) 1877. Mem. Soc. Ital.
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the symptoms of intestinal occlusion fifteen or twenty days after
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deficiency living under such circumstances as to call for action by the
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'• To reap the good effects of the compression of the immovable ivp]):iriitiis in
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thetic is the motor nerve of the uterus, but whether the sacral nerves can
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the vessels; extensive adhesion of lungs; watery effusion into the cavities of the
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saddle bags ; he then returned to Washington City, set-
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That infectious diseases, as the name imports, spread by
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to the septicemic class of affections, when the patients present
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Fortunately the nervous sequela' are not common, but when
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Another important principle of education growing out of the
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when the day of separation arrives, we have the feeling of
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cise than usual. After twenty-four hours plaques appeared.
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fine when and how far, the created — the made is self-existent and
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alveoli. Although this is no doubt true, it has been shown that the
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row E. Caddell, G. Fortune, J. Agner, R. Proctor, T. Horton, W. Minniear, E. Persing. Third row:
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letter addressed to the Chief of the Bureau by the health officer of the
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Orleans, in aconite poisoning. Snakebites, chloroform, narcas-
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are described, and the j^ierson to be tested is told to
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Sidon brought the plague to Marseilles, and that the bull which was
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rigible sort which grows on the head of an Ethiopian, becomes
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