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He states that all kinds of treatment have been employed, such

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pleura occurred, often dividing the pleural cavity into two or more

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he felt sure that any friendly sentiments conveyed to that Associa-

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more sensible, until the 2 1th, when he appeared more torpid,

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mainly conduced to render the inhabitants of this part of

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The collection of statistics has been by 570 enumer-

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drini; followed by active exertion ; feeding soft, aqueous,

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received more assistance through my troubles, than what

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disease in any other part of the body. The only pos-

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with olive oil is also beneficial ; but if the pain and hardness

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stables, the air he breathes is scented with the perfume of roses

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are as follows : " That in deciding on the imposition of

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half proved fatal. Indeed, the panic at one time was

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In the winter, when you think the hens eat their eggs 7

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when touched. Never opens eyes when told to do so now.

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the bubonic plague. The English epidemy is described as " an epidemic

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wearisome movements cause exhaustion; the agitation gets ex-

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Gynecologist, North Shore University Hospital. B.A.

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ever, are still poisonous. By cultivating the cholera spirillum in a medium

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I rather enjoyed getting back into the harness. But now I find my

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patient, illustrating some special phase in the progress of certain

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is a little less alkaline than that to powdered phenolphthalein. The

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was primary, and the appendicitis secondary to it. Indigestible

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large stone, which, I take it, was causing obstruction near the common

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difficult breathing, and momentary unconsciousness ; symptoms which

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very freely upon the. fashionable mode of practice, used

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pyloric tumor in any of my three cases examined without an anaes-

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Mill street and its immediate vicinitv, is one; Commerce street and