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hospital ought to be equipped with a complete hydro-
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disease is not cured it is liable, other things being equal, to
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This need is supplied in a peculiarly effective way by the teething
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is fatty degeneration of the heart. The liver may show similar changes.
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Long dnoe M. Velpeau recommended the litde operation of scarifying the scrotum in cases
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patient had been advised more than a year previously to use the catheter
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[etc.], Jena, 1. Abt, v. 30 (15), 30. Oct., pp. 555-569; (16), 7. Nov., pp. 618-
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the cerebral trouble. Change in the field of vision, how-
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troublesome and painful disease. In our early practice, too, we met
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lect in generalizing the experimental results, so as to present to
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ize this unit of a more intense or active virus. Hence it is imperative
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torn of wbicli a large portion of the carotid lay ex-
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the same condition as in a strangulated hernia, a total
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the head is carried well forward between the shoulders.
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There is also another class of causes of dyspepsia to which I must
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three weeks ago. For fifteen months patient has complained of pain and
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anatomical condition offered the slightest possibility of
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not necessary to extract, that having been already done by various writers, as
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It is well not to give too much silage to begin with, like
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water will appear to be beautifully transparent, so that the smallest
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accident had happened, I am indebted to the father of the boy,
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Toast two or three pieces of hard bread to a good brown color by placing
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and the smallest true conjugate which justifies the operation is two and
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loo-ical secretion, which was feebly acid, neutral, or alkaline, and contained
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for I he Cnitril SUilm, Ciiniuln nml Mrrtro; %tiJM prr yenr fur all for-
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ticular school of medicine, we have always held, and
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Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institu-
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ungs, and a gorged state of the right cavities, are the
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and makes a review of the whole subject in the N. Y. Medi-
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area of the abdominal wall upon the right side. When
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pression ; but in acute delirium also these may be present to some extent.
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from any cause the mischief suddenly increase, and especially if a
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the germ which causes rabies. Besides, counterirritants, when so
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may know that the injury is situated pretty well back.
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pointing and arrangements, on at least two occasions,
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Socicte Pratique^ and is reported excellent in its qualities,
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Students and residents participate in weekly grand rounds and conferences, and students