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the glanders bacillus in 1882, Koch the cholera bacillus in 1883,

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3. Reduction in Labour Turnover. — Safety organizing really means

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that men and women will attire themselves with little or no regard

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A similar, but smaller, portion of the anterior tip of the middle lobe was

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Philndelphia, 1855, vol. ii. pp. 369-374. — 15. Macdonald, J. D. Reynolds Si/stem

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On Treatment. By Harry Campbell, M.D., F.E.C.P. London :

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be used and when it should not be employed is clearly explained.

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So great a value will often be attached to a puppy that

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I propose, in the present communication, to notice the importance of

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before and since this period in regard to the effects of the entrance of air into

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uary 5 through 7. The course is intended for general

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