at aU. As the case now rests, the therapeutics of the

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96 Relation of a Case of Cardiac Embolus Following Forceps

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intestines, except the descending colon, are thrust into the right side of the

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early childhood. Her age is 25 years. As seen in the

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are taken to spur on and still further exhaust an already

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of the long tendon of the biceps ; and that pain may be brought on by

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light; the same treatment was continued daily, until the 26th, when he was

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evidence in support of the infectious origin of such tumors.

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the cornea. Occasionally a sensation of weight and burning in the stomach,

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gave no relief, and Dr. K. resolved to leech the part several days in suc-

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it well deserves to become historic. It was in August,

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of the discovery of the pneumococcus by Fraenkel. In about 76

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theory that spirits increase or in some way aid digestion,

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from their experience, and only had a general impression

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dition, but nothing abnormal was found. After this operation

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and the regulation of the practice of medicine, have

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Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, has just commenced its tenth volume, —

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' Des Maladies Mentales considerees sous les rapports medical, hyg-ienique et

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prohibition of food containing starch and sugar has been abandoned

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the increase of hysteria among the Latin and Slavonic races;

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in prescribing shall specify those brands which comply <wiMt

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rot's nodes, etc., are occasionally seen. Syphilis and yaws

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delphia, 1877, died suddenly at his residence in East End,

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Casi 11. — Operator, Horsley, 1890. Intradural : male, S2. Com-

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which it is unnecessary to enter, are instructive in displaying the occasional

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ment of Tulane University, New Orleans, April 18 to 20, presi-

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authorities admit a set of circular fibres, although it should be recollected

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(see last and this week's Journal). If he is trans-

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therefore, thinks it an error in the interest of radical

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Lectures in the Medical College of the state of South Carolina. Session

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the nutrition can not be too carefully watched. The diet

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the wound to the neck," ascribed by Dr. Craigie to the forceps' blade, there

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