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Disease. — Peculiarly an affection of the Fibro-Serous Tissue. —

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using the postvaccination typhoidin tests in the manner just described,

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healed. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the physician.

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I need not say that, after the pains I have taken to bring

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rational and physical signs (including microscopic inspection), has

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others; but always leaving an increased respect for the profes-

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surprising than that every patient who has a temperature of 104° is not deliiious.

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This peculiar arrangement of the vessels of the Schneiderian membrane

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tuberculine tests, as in those cases where repeated injections of

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or partial suppression of urine was probably the result of the

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tics ; on American Medical Necrology ; on the Hygienic relations of Air,

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cal stigmata, while at other times it may be almost the sole manifestation

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magnet into the vitreous in the hope of finding - the metal injures

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D. M. Campbell, of the Missouri Valley Bulletin; Professor

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able that here, too, we have a factor in cancer, in

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I sincerely hope that every member of this Society has read, or

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stimulation of the cortex evoked all the movements even more readily