of the heart, which, again, does not become so rapidly formidable as
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the main purpose of your medical studies, and though it is
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3. Sjegregation by this method does not disturb the
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nis, tent are bac et iliac & adducens perfuadect aufrre.
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Jersey. The first generation of 383 DRGs was develope
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and covered with a good coat of soft, silky hair. The cow
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Penn., reported progress and asked for longer time; referred to its
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Glands. Most work has naturally been done on the most accessible
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disagreement with the facts of daily experience." (Hering
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may be in some of these cases enlargement of the bronchial glands or
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belly. A like niovableness or floating of the kidney may be
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Previous to purchasing the bulls Mr. Downes was warned by several people not
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food is necessary to some constitutions, and there is no greater
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important particulars. In the first place, we pithed all the frogs,
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also mentioned cases of malignant pustule, and evident in-
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If the colts can be conveniently separated from the
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with Macmillan & Co., of liondon, have established a Canadian agency
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evidence of tneir operation consists in producing a gradual restoration of the health, tone, and
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mother and child were quite well the next day. A whiff of chloroform
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may lose the feeling of self, and this may go farther, so that they have
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washing with the tea, it will harden and stop smarting.
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gan (Chicar/o Medical Herien-) describes a new way of
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appreciably increase bodily waste, and therefore does not demand a liberal
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Escherich, in order to cause diphtheria they must find susceptibility to their
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seems to me to require no argument at the present day and before this con-
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dozen intelligent and experienced men outside of the schools
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Fraser, H. L. 1 ; see also Lord Penzance in Smith, 1867, L. E. 1 P. & D. 398).
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points, arid not pallets or spoons. The points of the probe
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balls of shrapnel, the limb may be treated as in the ordinary case
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do not develop such symptoms later, or do so only very exceptionally, unless
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medical officcirs in the army, while the actual needs of
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Members instructed Red Cross classes, volunteered for
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tion can well be made by using a low magnifying power of the
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other forms of seizure. The head is irregularly shaped and measures
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cases. If these poisonous agents can be so readily communicated to the
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to chemists as a " wash bottle." It has a long tube and a short
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away on pressure ; some of these were covered with dry scales ; they
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usually combined with opiates, it was impossible to
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the treatment by opiates, stomach and bowel irrigations,
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peritoneum is provided only with nerves of pain, a condition
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of undue pressure, I think an attempt should be made
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and it was found she was suffering from irritation of
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all more or less familiar, but which on this occasion I
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