distributing reservoir of animal electricity, is the residence of the
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sions left hemiplegia was again observed, but otherwise clinical
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case operated upon since the one reported, with very
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fever, or summer catarrh] may perhaps be best described as a severe
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there are martyrs that miss the palm, but not the stake; there
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shall apply, was entrusted to the Local Government Board
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the drug was administered three times a day in doses of i gr.
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1900. Shumway, Edward Adams, B.S., M.D., Ophthalmic Surgeon
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such a relation. A patient, with a history of three confine-
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Nelis changes, and if absent a negative diagnosis is made. 4.
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I may therefore sum up this report by saying: However choice English home-
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tuberant frontal eminences consequent upon infantile periostitis, are
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1000 mg/kg prior to and during mating and to pregnant female rats during
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That changes take place in the optic nerve in cases of intra-
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of Cracow, in the Przcglad lekarski, describes a new
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methods of obtaining the material no mention is made of the very simple
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actual danger, or suffering acutely, and when the prospect of relief
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Intemperance. Is it a disease ? there is a disease know as
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and of the Reformation. Although he had been presented to the Preceptorship
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Note :— Dr, G. E. Griffin, Artillery Corps, Fort Sheridan,
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Case V. — Single, age twenty-five ; has been troubled
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unable to resist the influence of cold or heat equally with the
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so for Ions;, as he afterwards showed that flasks filled with sterile
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and eukaryotic systems, molecular genetics of pathogenic bacteria; pathogenesis of vector-borne
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period) of sites within the protected areas. It would undercut the
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found the recumbent, or partially recumbent position, the
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becomes better, the patient acquires tone, and is able to bear those ■
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in nearly every case the attack at once declares itself. The truth of
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that all the apparatus for extinguishing a fire is in its
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logical or physiological effects of climates and seasons on the human
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elected members are Dr. J. A. Baudouin of Lachine, Quebec, and Major