structure of the latter type are reserved for a later report.

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as Germany. A physician of Davenport^ Iowa, writes to

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and psychical phenomena are added to the spasmodic movements, and

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Of&cer of the Board of Agriculture, quoted on p. 495, of the

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March 15. Has returned again to-day, with the same old complaint.

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some of those of the suborbitary and of the auriculo-temporalis.

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The free acid ia an Astringent, and has the power of coa-

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but with the plate in the left shoe there is no pain. This left

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One on the top and the other on the bottom of the arm. One

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attack. The second case was a man whose attacks varied in

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throughout England. It prevails on low, marshy lands and

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had about nine distinct ulcers on the conjunctiva and cornea, and

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Morphiuni-entziehung," Centralb. Nervmheilk. July 1885 (said to be the first note

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which it is relaxed. As I have said, the pain accompanying this

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(1) In the first five chapters I have given an account of the natural

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sometimes runs a very rapid course (a few months or even less). In the mild forms

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solid and irritating substances are removed from the alimentary

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bed early in April, 1880, with a rapid pulse, a tem-

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kidneys are often confounded with other tumors — e. g., with

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much as possible, and well may we envy them the privilege!

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and of slight importance, as it is comparatively harmless in its

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DESCRIPTION: PROCARDIA (nifedipine) is an antianginal drug belonging to a new class of

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of the disease have subsided in 1 case after forty-five days.

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scription has given me satisfaction in its results as a