the Misses Parsons and Gait, and two baymeu, Messrs.
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LIII. — Rupture of Small Intestine without External
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causing Paratysis, Enteritis, and death caused by the gases that arise from
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hours. At the time of my first visit a distinct yellowish dis-
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lines to carry out the dire deed of execution. Now, R.A.M.C.
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— but will confine myself to external ulcers, a^ of the skin
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free from carbol, and will then putrefy under favourable conditions, just as
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patients. Among those who sought counsel of him were the late Emperor
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nervous for him to fall into painful demur or difficulty.
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wherever inoculated. The period of inoculation is very variable; accord-
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The peculiarity of the air causes irritation of the fauces of
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