or more bronchial tubes. But inasmuch as these patches are
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become less capable of adapting themselves to extreme variations
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hence it keeps in the heat of the body in winter and keeps out the heat
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This may be brought about by the use of strychnin or nux
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of the Society tliere was more result to be hoped for from the discus-
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this is a real TiypertropJiy^ or at least tend to show that any
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mel and other liver stimulants should not be given. Counter-
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general condition gradually grew worse. A few weeks
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is nearly always necessary, must also greatly increase the tendency to
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be as prevalent in the future in this country as it now is in
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by preventive efforts and avoid the making of harmful and ridiculous
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wound, and the case soon ended fatally." No further details.
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pathological conditions of the womb we would naturally be led to
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In the work before us, we have the subject of dilating ure-
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grains were washed out in seventy-tive minutes, and
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consent obtained, the best thing to do is to x-ray the enlarged glands
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crease rapidly. I felt that the outlook for her was ex-
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one in from two to three months after the second. If by any chance
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rhoidal veins are only in connection with the jiortal
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in the discussion which followed, von Graefe spoke against it.
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and the flaps dissected up, a very firm lump, hard as cartilage,
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led me to try a pair myself; a few days use convinced me of
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from the necrotic ear and it is the subsequent reaction of the hypo-
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picture does not embrace merely the muscular difficulty, but includes
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tion with vacuolization of the fibers and changes in the interstitial tissue
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previous year, and the length of time that has elapsed since the
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Condition of this animal varied considerably; showed
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of the fluid extract is two ounces, morning and evening. There
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from that prescribed for Pneumonia; feed on sloppy food, and here will
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colicky pain in the lower portion of the abdomen, this extreme pain