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3d. Mucous patches, dependent upon syphilitic infections

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lingering time of several weeks, she still had to undergo an attack of

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of a class so very different, and under circumstances so completely changed.

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and the patient's mental condition was quite normal. In spite of

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Syphillis, one case ofl and another of 6 years standing, cured

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Neil J. Hepburx, M. D., Wm. B. De Garmo, M. D., Geo. T. Har-

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spring, with so little result that they did not give the serum a fair

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in its direction of educational matters. The training of medical students,

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inhibitory factors have been lost. The variety of patterns is

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Tuberculou.s disease frequently takes its start after measles

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those in Wilson's Diseases of the Kidney, London, 1817, and

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in the oldest, central part of the tubercles (Fig. 5, d, d') cavities

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Acetonitrile, 41.5 mgms., i. e., 2.2 mgms. per gm. mouse. Died 2 hours.

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the sulphate of calcium passing out in the faeces, and the sul-

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An underlying Serratia osteomyelitis in the present case

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in getting a law passed by their Legislature, to put a stop

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the germs which cultivate in the infectious centres ought to be

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