know with what zeal his wife picks up scraps of knowledge

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salivated, bled and blistered him. I believe in the virtue of

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who allows an appendicitis patient to become a chronic

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conditions. The following tabulation contains a classification of the

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for months or years after its first manifestation ; but it also happens

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easily controlled by the use of bran, as was done in our study. Bran also

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agreeable solvent in nature is the application of the saliva with the finger before

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bleeding returned, and her general health became affected ; the uterus

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a strong purgative; and that if it be necessary to take blood, local

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no openings above, or on board a ship, it may prove a very

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alarmed her mother through the appearance of blood at the vulva for three

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feel oestrum ; but after neurotomy it again returned, and she re-

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changes ; and, lastly, because we possess a mode of quantitatively

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190. Showing method of securing calf for operation . To face 644

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being to full term, and the last (twenty years ago) a miscarriage

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flushed with hot water to remove the clots, the right tube and

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of various papules of the Lahore, Mooltan and Scinde sores, removed

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no better or easier method than to wash the milk out

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every half hour throughout the day and the ichthyol ointment is

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tudinous cells, into which, under excitement, blood is forced, filling

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Panaris, Subcutaneous (Felon). — Incise as soon as pus is suspected.

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component pericardial friction rub along the left sternal

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