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is given to few men to secure tracings such as those of
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The meningeal infiltration was almost universal over the
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large spaces of nature with a new light ; and to few, indeed,
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the bodies described by Mr. Clarke were psorosperms, the
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lad, aged 9, who received some severe injuries from a tram-
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WEST HERTS INFIRMARY, Hemel Hempstead.— House-Surgeon and
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duced any damage to the brain. As to physical dangers he
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therefore to be something allied to, but yet apart from, the
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Dr. Plunkett O'Farrell, the Hon. Mr. Fawcett, Professor Ben-
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tions tlie haemorrhage is likely to be followed by a sense of
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Council on behalf of the family of the late Sir Richard Owen,
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the following resolution: " That vivisection, thouga justi-
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ing clearly at what point and in what way accrue the
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What conclusion are we to come to? I for my part believe in its
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Remarks were also made by Dr. Pabsons, Dr. Glenn, and
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year .i,215 patients were admitted to the hou^e ; and the mortality, exclud-
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Beitish Medical JocTENAL, by the medical officer of a small
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States Ariny. Authors and Subjects. Vol. xiii. Sialagogues— Sutugin.
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and unstable masses. But that is a very different statement,
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sible to render the human constitution less susceptible to
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action of chloroform and asphyxia affects the heart.
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and dipped into boiling water for two or three minutes ; they
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satisfactorily overcome, and that this would be the easiest and
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During the fourth quarter of 1892 the deaths of 128,884 persons were
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the inculjation of chicken-pox must still remain indefinite.
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gienic and bacteriological control of the water ; in 1889 the
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vessels, whereas headache, giddiness, vomiting, optic neuritis,*
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scholarships of £5 and £10 ofl'ered by eight county councils.
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of the drug into the carotis or vertebral and so shall be con-
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it would be fruitful in the future, and, even if it were choked
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committee were prepared to start the board with an income
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before the Secretary of War in the memorial which is now
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chloroform causes a fall of blood pressure by the weakening
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such is confined to signallers, musketry marksmen, etc. What is wanted