to admission, the infant became suddenly ill with a fever
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istic pathologic feature of which is a uniformly diffuse, exudative
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the use of the blood-clot as the method of widest applicability and as afford-
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patients. Dr. Barudel quotes two cases, successfully treat^ in the military hospital at Lyons
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or depriving them of office, and for the purpose of controlHng and reviewing
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since the soldiers had been vaccinated in the same way for forty years before.
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these organisms induce in that animal a primary overgrowth of the
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but a prevention should even then be continued, by means of what
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tenderness on pressure, and pain on moving in any direc-
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THE magnitude of the relief work done during the War by the
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covered on investigation that scrofulous impurities are the cause.
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Colonel G. E. Waring comes to several conclusion.^,
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" "La Nouvelle Methode [d'Avenbrugger] pour connaitre les Maladies-
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Hunter's theory was made — at least so far as it con-
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while I was collecting the material for this paper.