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11. Physician contributions made to candidates through
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accumulation in the blood of substances which, as the result of
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and function of every branch of the State government. California has
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21. Ernst, Paul: Ueber einen gasbildenden Anaeroben im menschlichen Korper
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will at once understand the great functional disturbance which may
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ness, power, and action should be the careful study of
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in Schenectady county ; but he soon returned to his native county, and
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shrank from the least pressure upon this region. His pulse was
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through which to serve some personal, selfish end, to gratify some
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trypanosomes (not for Tr. theileri), the disease running an acute
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the finger into the os uteri as soon as the first labour-pains have sufficiently
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organisms from the intestinal canal. If the sac cannot be extirpated, the
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for lung tuberculosis ; continued hospital care for per-
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Hot applications and mild counter irritants will be of
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although of the chronic variety was not of very long standing, and
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centre, rather than from the centre. What he has chiefly
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half the nose and lip were the seat of the affection ; the face was pale, at times slightly swol-
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and intermittent, prolonged administration is generally
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surgeon, valuable contributor, translator and earnest professor.
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with the cheerfulness, expedition, and utility that
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thought it advisable to burden this paper with the temperatures
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livelihood ; enabling you to cure, or, as the case may be, to kill
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Dr. Bastian has suggested, that as speaking and writing are pro-
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which each cell has one, small nuclei situated near the angles of the cells,
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There therefore remains no room for a doubt, that a
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and hides his head under the bedclothes when anybody approaches
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performed (Villemin, Koch, and others), with the result of transmitting
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which were placed several large candlesticks, decked with paper flowers,
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for the students of one school to visit the assemblies of others, without