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SchiUing (4), also working with arsenophenylgiycine, used nagana infections in
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allowing air to get in behind it. In addition, if adhesions be present,
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W. H. Willcox : Lancet, 1916, 1., 553, and 1917, n., 677.
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almost deprived me of life. The wound was a very bad
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and in consequence of these unfavorable conditions, but few
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either with the feces through the anus, or by liberation from
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been a demonstrable tumor. Five cases of this sort, it is true,
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rural, solo, group opportunities, all close to mountain
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examination, the uterus was found prolapsed and retro-
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all goodness; whenever I am specially down, I make some excuse
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By Leonard Williams, M.D.((aasgow), M.E.C.R(London),
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might be easily removed. Whenever disease exists every effort pos-
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tion on the l8th of June, a carious condition of the
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nary tubercle), scurvy (?), scrofula, haBmorrnoids, dropsy, furunculosis, anthrax, gangrse-
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pi Medicine, and Surgery conducted at the bedside in the Hospital: —
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are allowed to grow too long and get fouled with manure,
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presence of other organism apart from the specific organism of
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well as the soluble fragments of the bacteria. Reaction takes place
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infective diseases, I will attempt to put it here, in my annual
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cauterizing; if less than three weeks old, I would try peroxide of
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carrying the finger thus armed into the vagina as before.
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with sugar and cream. Good in diarrhoea and dysentery.
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manner. The tissue change taking place in neoplasms is also of
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ally, I am inclined to the opinion that the case is one
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three walking without support). In Professor Czerny's clinique
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tion of the serum in doses of from 1 to 600 to 1 to 800 of the body
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^^ Schaudinn, F., Deutsch. med. Woch., 1905, xliii, 1728.
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possession has lived over 4 years and shows no signs of the disease.